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Photography Workshops

Beginning in 2018 we will be offering photography workshops including photography techniques for dusk and night photography, time exposure and capturing water movement.

If you are interested and want to be updated about the content of these workshops please email us for more information and also let us know what workshops may interest you.


Photograph of Newcastle upon Tyne

Camera and Tyne Bridge

Newcastle Bridges Photography

In October 2016 we decided to update our print galleries of Newcastle with a famous view we had taken in the past. It had been a while since we had shot some new images of the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle. We decided to take some from the High Level Bridge. We had visited this spot before, and have photographed the view at dusk and also in the snow. On our previous visits to the high lavel bridge we photographed with a fish eye effect. This gave the swing bridge (seen in the foreground) a bendy shape which some people like. This time we decided to shoot the photography without this distortion. Below is the new photograph which will be added to our galleries soon. We hope you like it!

Our print of the Newcastle upon Tyne bridges is available from our Newcastle print galleries or from the print order page.